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July 2016

After the War now available for pre-order!

Now up for preorder on Amazon, this final installment in the Golden City saga follows a young man returning from the Great War with no memory of who he is, who his family is, or who is trying to hunt him down…or why.

The book will be available for Kindle on Tuesday, 8/16, and should also be available in paperback near that date.
AfterTheWar_JKCheney (1)



Finalized Covers

Monday was a busy day for cover art, apparently, as I received finalized cover art for four books.

So I thought I would show them all off, and  hopefully people will like them:

For After the War, coming next month:

AfterTheWar_JKCheney (1)

Artist: Rachel A. Marks

(who also did the cover for The Seer’s Choice)


For Oathbreaker, coming in December:


Artist: Kate Marshall  (who also did the covers below)

Kate is still building her portfolio, but judging on the works below,

I suspect she’s going to be one of my favorites!


For Original and Overseer, both coming in 2017:





And at at the same time, I was putting together a cover for an ebook collection of stories–The Dragon’s Child–that I will be giving FREE to my newsletter subscribers.

thedragon's child (4)

All in all, it was a very busy day out there!