How Not to Talk to a Writer, #1

I ran across this cartoon recently and got a good laugh out of it, but it’s true…so true.


I have a writer friend who once lamented that she didn’t have a machine to get her ideas straight out of her head and onto the computer.  It would save so much time and typing!

My response was that if they ever created such a machine, she and I would be out of a job.

You see, millions of people have great ideas.  The difference between a writer and a person with a great idea is that the writer sits down and writes it.  It’s an issue of commitment, determination, and dogged persistence.  (Mostly dogged persistence.)

Some writers even chose to go through the traditional publication process after that….which is a whole ‘nother level of commitment, determination, and dogged persistence (usually only reached after traversing several levels of painful rejection).

So that’s why the above comic seems so apropriate.  The brain surgeon knows how much he went through to get where he is.

If you tell a writer about your idea for your novel, they may give you that same blank look.  We’re not being rude.  We just don’t know where to start.

Because the void between the idea and the product is wide…and often the only way to understand that is to go through the process.


–This 13 part series was originally published on my old website about three years ago.

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