Free Ebook: Iron Shoes

I have iscarousela free promotion going on over at InstaFreebie for an ebook copy of the Iron Shoes trilogy.

The trilogy is a series of Historical Fantasy novellas set in 1905-1909 Saratoga Springs, and in keeping with the racing history of that town, they’re also about….horses.

Well, not your average horses, because Imogen Hawkes has a secret: she was fathered by a puca, an Irish horse shape-shifter. That secret has shaped every part of her life, even though she’s always tried to hide it. But now trouble has come to her farm and her horse has to win the big race in order to save it…

So if you’re game for a group of novellas set in that world (two of which are also Romance) then you might want to give this freebie a try.

(This is the first time I’ve used this service, so I have no clue how this will play out. If all the books are gone quickly, I’ll add some more.)

And please leave a review if you like it! Reviews are how other readers find writers they like!




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