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A Hand for Each

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The HMS Fortitude falls in battle, but Lieutenant Davies’ trials are just beginning. He doesn’t know who he’s fighting, where the ship is going, or what price he’ll have to pay to keep his ship…

Originally published in the Shimmer Magazine Pirate Issue, November 2007.






The Stains of the Past

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From the world of The King’s Daughter:

Rhianyes Revisarian was a courtesan–until the day she met Kiyaden Sidreiyan, a man who could touch her and read all her past. Kiyadan saw past the woman she’d become to the girl who’d once wanted something very different of her life, and that set Rhianyes on a new course…but would she have to walk that path always alone?




Whatever Else

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Maia is a young woman with only a small gift: the ability to watch others from afar. To cement a treaty between two clans, she married Arras, a young man she’s known most of her life. But when her brother comes to visit, he reveals a shameful secret that leaves Maia questioning everything she believes about her husband.

Now she must use her small gift to determine the truth of her brother’s claim…and decide whether to stay at her husband’s side or flee him.



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Fleurs du Mal

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Bertrand Everslee has been sent to Paris to extract his younger brother from the clutches of a dubious woman, but when he meets her, he learns that she’s not what his family expected. Something frightening has come to Paris, embodied in Anne DuBourg…

*Originally published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies and reprinted in The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Year 3




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The Bear Girl

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Rosethorne has lived on the mountain as long as she can remember, well within Grandmother Bear’s territory, but Grandmother is old and unwell. So when the old bear demands that Rose find that spot across the mountains, what else is Rose to do?

*Originally published in WolfSongs, Volume 1


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