New Cover for Shared Dreams, plus a Paperback

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For anyone who’s previously picked up a copy of my collection of 3 short stories from the setting of Dreaming Death, the book now has a new cover. So if it looks like a new book to you, it’s actually not. (You have to wait a couple more months.)

However, in a week or so, it will also be coming out in paperback. It will be a thin (novella length) volume–about 140 pages–but I know there are some people who want books in paper (including libraries.)

This volume includes three short stories: A Mention of Death, Touching the Dead, and Endings. There’s also an excerpt from Dreaming Death (which comes after those stories chronologically.)

This is part of getting ready to reveal the first sequel for Dreaming Death, In Dreaming Bound. The new cover links to the covers of the upcoming Palace of Dreams novels, so it will simply fit in better.

I am still hoping that In Dreaming Bound will be out in by Summer (I’m close, you guys!), and I’ll put in a date as soon as I know.

(And when I’m ready to do a cover reveal for IDB, I will definitely link it here!)





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