Short Fiction

Short Fiction

Publications currently available:

The Nature of Demons, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, August, ’13
A straw-filled mattress took up most of the floor in that shallow recess under the thatch. A young woman lay among the tumbled quilts. Her wheaten hair streamed across the pillow, unbound for a lover’s touch. Her eyes were closed, but they were likely blue or gray. Her skin, winter fair, displayed no injury when the tribesman drew away the quilts. A greenish pallor discolored her skin, but not a single blemish or bruise remained to show how the girl had died.

Of Ambergris, Blood, and Brandy, in Abyss & Apex, January ’11.
The skin of the submersible groaned, an eerie sound to hear while trapped inside its metal body. Oriana pressed closer to the viewing window. She would rather be out there, in the water.

Fleurs du Mal available in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, November ’10.
I wondered then if there was inside my brother a seed of sorts, a slender elongated bulb like those I’d seen in Anne’s workroom. Thinking the police would never know, I drew the coverlet away, revealing the bloody mess of his shirt. A large hole gaped several inches beneath his chin, just to the left of the breastbone. I dropped the blanket back over him and stepped back, shaking in fury.
“Fleurs du Mal” reprinted in The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Year 3, available on Amazon

Snow Comes to Hawk’s Folly, Panverse Two September ’10.
His features seemed too perfect for Imogen’s taste, an unearthly beauty. Under her suspicious gaze that appearance wavered, briefly showing her the face underneath. Dark eyes gazed back at her, but she couldn’t keep the rest of the illusion at bay.

Iron Shoes, Alembical 2, June ’10.
Imogen Hawkes noticed the minute hand of the clock on Hammersly’s desk. It was spinning, a sure sign that her emotions had gotten out of control. In her mind she heard her mother reminding her that she must always remain calm. She took a sip of tea as she tried to comply with that inner voice.
Finalist, 2011 Nebula Awards (novella)
Finalist, 2011 PRISM Awards (novella)

Afterimage, Jim Baen’s Universe, April ’10.
Losing a math coprocessor implant might be an annoyance, but losing a heart regulator was a different thing altogether. Detective William Greene gazed down at the body lying on the polished marble of the landing, trying to decide whether he felt sorry for the guy or not.
Now available free here.

Early Winter, Near Jenli Village, Fantasy Magazine, April ’09.
When Li-huan’s family first arrived at the house near Jenli village, the ghost rattled bowls on their shelves and howled through the house as a rush of wind, stirring up the mats and musty old bed-curtains. The priest told Li-huan’s father that the house’s previous owner, a wealthy merchant, had died with no one to remember him and so sought their attention. The family dedicated a small shrine to the merchant in the corner of the inner hall and, so appeased, he left them unmolested…until Lili came.
Locus Recommended Reading List, 2009

The Dragon’s Child, Beneath Ceaseless Skies.
The wizard raised a hand, his long, pointed nails painted with blue lacquer. With one finger, he drew a slashing arc through the air. Pain seared like fire along Kseniya’s cheek, a line cutting across one of the old scars. She clenched her jaw to keep from crying out. She remembered that pain all too well.

The Bear Girl, Wolfsongs, Volume 1, December ’08.
Then the hillside became flat meadow, where he would run faster than her. Rose had nowhere to hide. She expected to hear his whuffling close behind her, but instead she heard the Bear bellow angrily. Surprised, Rose glanced back. Wolf was there, dancing out of range of the Bear’s paw. He moved fast and agile where the Bear was slow and clumsy.
Now available free here.

Taking a Mile, Writers of the Future XXIV, Fall ’08
Viviana Fuentes waited on a bench in the cemetery, staring out at the tidy rows of tombstones. A chill wind brushed her, sending shivers along her arms. Leaves skittered by, brown and dry with the advent of fall. She was waiting for death.
Now available free here.

Masks of War, Fantasy Magazine, July ’07.
The sergeant stared at the mirror. Beneath the spectacles affixing the mask to his face, the painted features looked surprisingly life-like. From where he stood a few feet behind the sergeant, Lieutenant Grey watched the reflection in the glass as the young man’s fingers reached up to stroke his new face, touching metal cheeks and the carefully glued-on mustache that matched his brown hair.

Touching the Dead, Jim Baen’s Universe, June ’07
The colonel, Shironne decided, must be one of those clever people, the kind who liked to fix things. She could sense him waiting for them there in his office, his curiosity held at bay, but only just…
Now available free here.
Also available in The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe II

A Hand for Each, Shimmer Pirate Issue, November ’07
I dreamed of screaming. I came to, pinned on the deck in darkness and sheeting rain, the ship rolling under heavy seas. I could only see heavenward, rain splattering to occlude my vision, so I could not tell what had befallen my shipmates. I heard not a single voice calling for action on the deck…
Now available free here.

The Stains of the Past, The Sword Review, Feb ’06
I believe in redemption. Every week when I go to confession, the priest tells me my sins are forgiven. I am a new person now, he has explained, and my penitence has created in me a clean heart. Unfortunately, my sins haven’t been forgotten. My past will always be with me, at least as far as Kiya is concerned…
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