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99 Cent Sale!

Hi! I’m running a sale on all my indie ebooks through the end of April, 99 cents each!

(This includes the pre-order for Original  for Kindle)


Barnes & Noble: NOOK PAGE


(This sale does not, sadly, include my books from Penguin, as the publisher controls those prices. I wish I could put them on sale, but it’s just not possible.)

Adventures in Indie, #4: Canva

There’s a last category of cover that I’m using. Self-made covers, more or less.

I only use these on books that I’m planning to use as a giveaway book: giveaway for joining my newsletter, giveaway for my Patreon patrons, or publicity giveaway.  If I’m planning to make money off of it, I’ll pay someone to make a professional cover for me.

Now, I don’t have any talent for visual design, so I’ve actually been relying on a graphics design service called Canva that has a lot of templates for bookcovers in its memory.

Here’s an example:

The cover on the left is their template.

I’ve long struggled with this cover because it’s very hard to find a decent looking illustration of an Asian dragon…that’s white (like the one in my stories).  But I ran across this picture of a stone dragon in Canva’s files, purchased it for use for a minimal charge (1$), and swapped it out for the old template. Then I changed the words, moved them a bit, and voila I had a decent looking cover.

It’s not an award winning cover, by any means, but it does give me a cover that I’m not ashamed of putting on my ‘giveaway books’.

I’ve actually got a couple more of those in the pipe, including Fleurs du Mal (a short story that I will be giving out to my newsletter subscribers and my Patreon patrons) next week, and Shared Dreams which I’ll be giving out in March.











(By the way, readers of this post can click over to the “Extras” tab and download/read a PDF version of Fleurs du Mal free.)

The point being that since I’m not rolling in writer dough (still in the red, admittedly), I need to make some concessions to wise funding. So in this case, self-made covers (with a design company’s help) fit the bill of looking moderately professional without being an instance of throwing money into the wind.

I’m trying to approach books as a business investment, but the promotional ones must be less expensive!


Next Week: Editing and Formatting

Roanoke Public Library Writers’ Conference

Hello All!  This weekend I’ll be speaking at the Roanoke (TX) Public Library during their Writers’ Conference. I wanted to post here to let those visitors know about the free ebooks I have available, so here are the details!

My short30972954 story “Whatever Else” will be free for Kindle through September 5 (in all markets). Click here to pick up a copy!

From the back cover:

Maia is a young woman with only a small gift: the ability to watch others from afar. To cement a treaty between two clans, she married Arras, a young man she’s known most of her life. But when her brother comes to visit, he reveals a shameful secret that leaves Maia questioning everything she believes about her husband. Now she must use her small gift to determine the truth of her brother’s claim…and decide whether to stay at her husband’s side or flee him.




TDC CarouselFor those who sign up for my mailing list, they can pick up a free copy of my short story collection, The Dragon’s Child!

From the back cover:

Kseniya Ilyevna originally came to the mountain of the Dragon Wizard to protect her younger sister, but when she learns of the wizard’s true plans for his daughter, she vows to spirit the child away. In seizing freedom for the little girl—her sister’s child, Jia-li—Kseniya finds herself tied to the Zheng family and all the strange events that befall them. In six short stories, we follow Kseniya and her extended family as Jia-li grows into a budding wizard herself.




iscarouselWhile supplies last, you can pick up a copy of my collection of three Saratoga Springs novellas, Iron Shoes, over at Instafreebie.

From the back cover:

Imogen Hawkes is running out of time. She must come up with enough money to prevent the bank from foreclosing on her farm. All her hopes are pinned on her horse winning the Special Stakes.

But things keep going wrong, and it’s soon clear someone is determined to stop her. As race day draws closer, Imogen finds unexpected sources of help…including the new stallion she’s purchased from Boston, who’s not at all what he seems.

Despite a life spent avoiding it, Imogen learns that magic may be her best ally….




As always, reviews are welcome!

Reviews help other readers find books they love,

so if you love a book, let other readers know about it.




Finalized Covers

Monday was a busy day for cover art, apparently, as I received finalized cover art for four books.

So I thought I would show them all off, and  hopefully people will like them:

For After the War, coming next month:

AfterTheWar_JKCheney (1)

Artist: Rachel A. Marks

(who also did the cover for The Seer’s Choice)


For Oathbreaker, coming in December:


Artist: Kate Marshall  (who also did the covers below)

Kate is still building her portfolio, but judging on the works below,

I suspect she’s going to be one of my favorites!


For Original and Overseer, both coming in 2017:





And at at the same time, I was putting together a cover for an ebook collection of stories–The Dragon’s Child–that I will be giving FREE to my newsletter subscribers.

thedragon's child (4)

All in all, it was a very busy day out there!